Auberge Battery Back-up Overview

Auberge® offers Fulham’s industry leading, fully integrated, Workhorse HotSpot1 emergency battery back-up system as an option for all shade shapes using the AU-R15W LED module.  During power outage the HotSpot1 system provides 485 lumens of illumination via an LED board mounted on the bottom of the sconce and oriented to provide light to the egress pathway. All electronics are fully integrated within the sconce. 


  • Fulham FireHorse Hotspot1 LED Emergency back-up system

  • Fully integrated Battery Back-up, all components enclosed within fixture

  • >90 Minutes of emergency light output in the case of a power outage. 

  • In Emergency back-up mode, HotSpot1 systems provides 485 lumens from PCB mounted on bottom of sconce.   

  • 24-48 hour recharge time

  • 120-277V input voltage

  • Easy to install on all types of junction boxes, including pancake boxes

  • Test button conveniently located on top of fixture

  • Battery easily replaced in the field after 7 year rated lifetime

  • Approvals/Class UL1310/Class 2/UL924/CEC

  • California CEC T20 compliant

The Fulham Workhorse HotSpot1 emergency battery back-up system is available with the following Shade Shapes:








Decorative Element options

The following decorative elements are available with the Auberge Emergency Battery Back-Up:

Door_Panel_Long_02 copy.jpg

Door Panel, Long

With Integrated Door Number

Door_Panel_Short copy.jpg

Door Panel, Short

With Integrated Door Number

Block_Ral_1036 copy.jpg

Wood Block, Long

Wood_U_Channel 5.5 copy.jpg

Wood U-Channel

(depending on spacing, will block some of the downward light)

Block_Ral_1036_2 copy.jpg

Wood Block, Short



Hoops 5.5 copy.jpg

Staggered Hoops

Rods_Beads 5.5 copy.jpg

Rods & Beads

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