The most personalized wall sconce solution on the market


AUBERGE® LED Lighting is a new brand from ALVA Lighting delivering high-performance, commercial grade LED based decorative light fixtures designed to service the needs of the hotel, multi-family residential, and senior living design community. With Auberge’s unique Design Your Light® approach, designers are able to create custom wall sconces with the highest quality materials at previously unattainable price points. With Auberge wall sconces you can light entire 50 foot corridors and hallways with as few as three fixtures.


The Design Your Light 3 Step Process:

Shade Options.png

Select Shade Shape

Choose from over 12 different wall sconce shapes

Shade Shape Options V2.png

Select Resin Pattern

Vandal resistant, architectural resin by ALVA®



Select Decorative Element

Over a dozen styles to choose from (optional)


Examples of Commercial Wall Sconce Design Combinations:

Shade Shape: 7W 14H Resin Pattern: Island Breeze
Decorative Element: Door Panel, Long

Shade Shape: 14W 7H Resin Pattern: Autumn Decorative Element: Hoops

Shade Shape: 7W 9H Resin Pattern: Island Breeze
Decorative Element: Rods with Beads