The most personalized lighting solution on the market


AUBERGE® LED Lighting is a new brand from ALVA Lighting delivering high-performance, LED based decorative light fixtures designed to service the needs of the hospitality, multi-family residential, and senior living design community. With Auberge’s unique Design Your Light® approach, designers are able to create custom light fixtures with the highest quality materials at previously unattainable price points.


The Design your Light 3 Step Process:

Shade Options.png

Select Shade Shape

Choose from over 12 different shade shapes

Shade Shape Options V2.png

Select Resin Pattern

Vandal resistant, architectural resin by ALVA®



Select Decorative Element

Over a dozen styles to choose from (optional)


Examples of Design Combinations:

Shade Shape: 7W 14H Resin Pattern: Island Breeze
Decorative Element: Door Panel, Long

Shade Shape: 14W 7H Resin Pattern: Autumn Decorative Element: Hoops

Shade Shape: 7W 9H Resin Pattern: Island Breeze
Decorative Element: Rods with Beads