Combine one of our ADA compliant light fixtures with our ADA compliant Room Number Panels to create your next fully accessible space.


Auberge’s Design Your Light modular system offers a wide range of personalized door numbers with Braille for designers with integrated specification grade LED wall sconces. The door panel attaches to the Auberge wall sconce back plate system, attaching at the center of the sconce to the junction box.

Door Number/Braille Wall Sconces also available in our Indirect Shade Series


Step 1: Select Your Shade Shape

Popular Shade Shapes for door panels with room number and braille include CU 7W14H and RE 7W14H.

Step 2: Select Your Panel Size

Select a Door Number Panel size from our five options, 3.5”, 12”, 18”, 24”, and 36”.

Step 3: Select Your Panel Material


Standard Wood Panel Options:

Standard Metal Look Finishes:

Auberge utilizes state-of-the-art industrial finishing process on High-Density Composite material for long lasting corridor solutions. Also available in custom RAL colors.

Step 3: Design Your Door Number Panel

Auberge utilizes the latest in digital printing technology allowing the designer the ability to design their own door panel. You pick design your background, your door number and size. Note that you must refer to ADA requirements for compliance.

The door number panel is secured to the panel at the time of install which allows you flexibility of where you locate the door number panel on the door panel.