Ideal for the hospitality, multi-family residential, and senior living design community.

Design your light®

Explore our simple 3 step process. Customized elegance without the wait or cost of traditional lighting.

Indestructible Resin

Architectural resin by ALVA Lighting with embedded fibers.  Beautiful and vandal resistant.

High output LED

Advanced AC Direct LED modules reduce energy cost and are built to last in 24/7 environments.

The most personalized lighting solution on the market

AUBERGE LED Lighting is a new brand from ALVA Lighting delivering high-performance, LED based decorative light fixtures designed to service the needs of the hospitality, multi-family residential, and senior living design community. With Auberge’s unique Design Your Light approach, designers are able to create custom light fixtures with the highest quality materials at previously unattainable price points.


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Select Shade Shape

Choose from over 12 different shade shapes

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Select Resin Pattern

Vandal resistant, architectural resin by ALVA®



Select Decorative Element

Over a dozen different styles to choose from (optional)


Combine our ADA compliant light fixtures with our ADA compliant Room Number Panels to create your next fully accessible space.


Auberge’s Design Your Light modular system and Indirect Shade Series both offer a wide range of personalized door numbers with Braille for designers with integrated specification grade LED wall sconces.


The classic style of the Candelabra reinvented,
and greatly improved.

Shade installs flush to the wall to avoid damage common in high-traffic corridors and is made with robust and vandal resistant ALVA brand resin with embedded natural fibers/materials. Easily cleaned and virtually indestructible. All with the high-performance, Energy Star certified LED modules for maintenance free and energy-efficient lighting you can expect from AUBERGE Lighting.