Revit Files

Auberge Lighting provides Revit files for our Design Your Light using the same modular Design Your Light approach. We have provided the complete IES and finish information so you can create a complete Revit file that will render with our resin pattern and finishes as well as the IES photometrics.

How To:

  1. Copy the Light Fixture Revit Family and the Text file with the same name to the same folder.

  2. In Revit, Open the Model you’d like to place the light in.

  3. In the Insert Tab, Select Import > Import Family Types.

  4. In the Import Family Types dialog, navigate to the folder containing the family type file to import.

  5. Select the file and click Open.

  6. Another dialog box will open with all of the options available for the light fixture.

  7. To select a subset of options, use the pull-down menus at the top to pick selected features.

  8. Select the Family Type that you’d like to import. To select more than one, use the CTRL key.

  9. Click okay, and Revit will import the Family Types into your Model.


*Clicking the link above will redirect you to download the full set of Revit files from a Box site (due to the large file size). Alternatively, individual Revit file sets can be downloaded below.